· Quality:   No screw holes...no faded letters.  We pride ourselves on our great looking signs, and strive to keep them fresh and bright!

· Changeable:   The beauty of these signs is that they are changeable...they are not billboards. Keep the public reading your sign by changing it often.  Just phone or fax your message change to us and it will be done...it's that easy!

· Affordable: Compare the price of one months' rental to a local print ad or radio spot and you will see how economical this form of advertising is. Also, there is no waste as you're targeting the people that pass by your business day-after-day…your customers! You can rent by the week, month, or year with no lengthy contracts to sign.

· Easy: We do all the work… you just supply the message you want.  We build it and deliver it.

· Visible: The best place for advertising is where your customers will see it. There's nothing better than a bright, vibrant sign in front of your business…it´s a 24 hour-a-day salesperson!

· Multi-Purpose: Mobile Signs can be used for any event or occasion… sales… hiring… moving… anniversaries… events… public relations.


· We have over 25 years of advertising experience in both creative and media at your disposal.

· We will design your sign for the maximum impact, using graphics, colours and text for the best effect. Remember, "LESS IS ALWAYS MORE" when designing your sign.

· We will place your sign where it will be the most effective… and legal.

· We know your local by-laws so we can assist you in your permit application and make that red tape easy!

Georgian Mobile Sign Georgian Mobile Sign