Our 6’ x 8’ mobile signs are completely portable, easy to order, and will be delivered on time!

The black background provides a striking contrast to the vibrant, fluorescent coloured letters and numbers…this means your message is bright, bold and easy to read. Our package includes two message changes per month and on-call servicing in case of weather damage or vandalism.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our signs - afterall, your sign is a reflection of your business.  We do not use screws to attach the letters as they are damaging and unattractive.  We use bold font letters as they have a greater impact.

Each sign allows for 6 lines of text consisting of 14-16 characters 10 ˝: high or 3 lines of 7-8 characters 21” high…or any combination you choose! (We also provide a 4 x 8’ version of our mobile sign in order to meet some municipal bylaw restrictions).

THE GOLDEN RULEKeep Your Message Simple!!! Avoid “cutsey” graphics and pictures – they detract from your message. The average passerby has only 1-2 seconds to process your information, and a sign that’s too busy or too colourful will not be effective.

Georgian Mobile Sign